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Girls in boy shorts

Yep,she’s wearing boy shorts. Because I could not find this type of shorts style for girls in the standard clothing stores for children that was:

  • not pink or purple
  • without a message written on the bum like PINK
  • without frills, rhinestones or sparkly stuff
  • cut to fit properly and wasn’t cut especially low or high in certain areas

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Muddling on frazzled

It happens to the hardcorest blogger.

It happens to those who depend on writing, blogging as their livelihood.

It happens to the best and worst of us and it happened to me.

I stopped writing.

I emailed my friend the other day that my current state of frazzle has me in a state which renders me incapable to write my thoughts down. And I wonder, is this part of the reason my frazzled state has increased, become even more frazzled? Continue reading

Empty threats and the effectiveness of the silent treatment

The other day I uttered my last empty threat. Theoretically speaking.

If you’re a seasoned parent you will easily recall the last time you uttered an empty threat (in my case, 30 minutes ago) and you will accept the fact that it was completely beyond your control. After all, they made you do it.

They always make you do it… Continue reading

Effects on stranger danger messages on children

There is currently a horrible trial going on about a little 8 year old girl who was brutally murdered. Her name was Tori and even though I didn’t know her, I feel like I do every time I look at my own daughter.

I cannot bring myself to follow the gruesome details of this girl’s tragic end to her life. I do know that the last time she was seen alive she was with another woman and from what the video cameras displayed, the girl was walking with this woman in a way that did not evoke fear, or struggle. If I remember correctly (please do not quote me on the facts here) there was either a dog with them, or a promise to see a dog in a nearby car. Continue reading

The first step

The first step is always to start at the beginning. Only this feels more like a middle…I am not new to blogging. I am not new to social media. But I decided to start a fresh blog, with a different spin.

Starting fresh takes time. I need things in place before I can write. I can’t just type into an empty spot that won’t look attractive. Who will read my words if the clutter distracts? No one I know needs more distraction…

For one thing, I need a theme I can live with. Several things have to be perfect from the start:

  1. the font has to be sans serif
  2. the theme has to be clean and uncluttered
  3. the colours have to be subdued and low-key

All the other pretties I can work with later. The widgets, the categories, the pictures, if I decide to include them…I’ll play with that sometime when more pressing things need doing, like cooking supper for hungry children or other mundane activities. I am at my most creative when I’m urgently needed elsewhere.

This post is my second written anecdote. I wrote about myself in About. After all, one should introduce oneself at the beginning.

Welcome to Muddle On. Glad you stopped by.