The first step

The first step is always to start at the beginning. Only this feels more like a middle…I am not new to blogging. I am not new to social media. But I decided to start a fresh blog, with a different spin.

Starting fresh takes time. I need things in place before I can write. I can’t just type into an empty spot that won’t look attractive. Who will read my words if the clutter distracts? No one I know needs more distraction…

For one thing, I need a theme I can live with. Several things have to be perfect from the start:

  1. the font has to be sans serif
  2. the theme has to be clean and uncluttered
  3. the colours have to be subdued and low-key

All the other pretties I can work with later. The widgets, the categories, the pictures, if I decide to include them…I’ll play with that sometime when more pressing things need doing, like cooking supper for hungry children or other mundane activities. I am at my most creative when I’m urgently needed elsewhere.

This post is my second written anecdote. I wrote about myself in About. After all, one should introduce oneself at the beginning.

Welcome to Muddle On. Glad you stopped by.


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