Girls in boy shorts

Yep,she’s wearing boy shorts. Because I could not find this type of shorts style for girls in the standard clothing stores for children that was:

  • not pink or purple
  • without a message written on the bum like PINK
  • without frills, rhinestones or sparkly stuff
  • cut to fit properly and wasn’t cut especially low or high in certain areas

No one can claim that my blond-haired, high-pitched voiced, dainty girlie isn’t a girl. She loves princess dresses, pretty coloured toe nails, and ribbons in her hair.


She is a monkey. A tomboy. The boys in her Kindergarten class are confused about what to do with her. She LOOKS like a girl, but she acts, well, like them! And they see her jump into a jumble of grade 2 boys, friends of my first grader. So….

Who are you, my little girl? WHAT are you?

Whatever it is, I love it. I am glad and happy she is confident and secure in herself at this tender age, and I hope to preserve her uninhibited enthusiasm about life for as long as possible.


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