My name isn’t really Mocha, but I really do muddle on through life. And I like Mocha better than my real name so I chose it for my blog persona.

This is not my first blog. I started blogging shortly after my first child was born and learned the ropes along the way. Now that boy is 7,  and he has a sister who  is 4. Blogging has become a thing I have to do, although frankly, there have been many a times when the need or want to write simply dried up.

Well, not really. I seem to constantly percolate words in my head, but like all writers sometimes the best posts are formulated on a soapy shower wall, or above a newborn’s head while elbow deep in diaper rash ointment.

Thankfully those days are behind me. I mean, sadly, those days are behind me. If I had another girl I would call her Jasmin with a J. And everything would be so different…

But I really am a real writer. I wrote and got paid for what I wrote not so long ago. Sometimes I got paid for editing someone else’s words, which was fun too. And I got paid for photography, although these days most of the pictures I snap are of the kids and their associated endless activities.

Whenever people ask me what kind of a writer I am, I usually answer with Technical Writer because I have a certificate from a University that says so. But I’m also a published writer. I wrote and published an article when I was pregnant with that boy of mine. And although that was an awesome experience, I did not enjoy the stress that involved my using the phone to interview a guy who was in construction. I know less than nothing about cement, but I wrote an awesome article about a family who was in the cement block making business for a hundred years.

I enjoy the written word. I abhor talking on the phone. Do not call me. Send me an email. Or a text, if you know my mobile number. But email is better. I love email. The more the better.

The rest about me is not terribly exciting. I’m currently

  • over 40
  • living in a two-bedroom bungalow in a cute little neighbourhood close to a big lake in a huge city in Canada
  • not working outside the home but endlessly working inside the home to rid it of too much stuff
  • raising the two imps with their college-teaching father who is my common-law partner
  • in a constant state of limbo because above-mentioned partner’s college is supposed to be relocating and we have no idea where we will be moving to, or when
  • battling a hearing loss obtained by childhood meningitis, which is stressing me out a little when I’m out in public but is a blessing-in-disguise of sorts when the kids get too loud (they’re always loud)
  • ready to write.

Welcome to Muddle On.


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